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Share Investments - Office Space and Storage

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Share Investments - Office Space and Storage

Who are we?

Jim Sharbono

High school sweethearts and still in love.

Jiim has been Married to Debbie (Cole) Sharbono for over 48 years. We were high school sweethearts.

Deb and I graduated from Bethel High school in 1972. I went to work at Tacoma Boat as a welder right after High School. We continued our education by attending TCC and Fort Steilacoom Community College. Shortly after, Deb and I got engaged. I was laid off from Tacoma Boat and I went looking for work. I got a job in a transmission shop in late 1972. And in 1984 we opened our own transmission shop - All Transmissions and Automotive.

We have three kids, two daughters and a son. We lived on a small farm in Eatonville for 26 years.

Jessica, our eldest is now 41; she and her husband Will have completed their PHDs. Jessica is now a Vice President of Instruction for Walla Walla Community College in Walla Walla, Washington. Will is a zoologist and biologist and instructs online courses. It is great that they are back in Washington after 19 years away. They have two beautiful daughters.

Cassandra and her husband Jonothan and their family.

Cassandra, now 39, runs our business and is a licensed real estate agent. Cassandra and her husband Jon also run a dog breeding business, grossing nearly a million per year. Between the two of them they have 5 wonderful children.

Cassandra and her husband Jonothan and their family.

Tommy is 32. He graduated from MMI. He started his own business in Spanaway - Two Tone Powersports, a motorcycle shop. He has a significant other, Samantha, and a young son. They work hard together. All our children are high achievers. We are extremely proud of them all.

Tom and his family.

Deb loves horseback riding in parades and on trails and of course sitting around the firesides at night.

Deb loved riding in parades and trails.

In 2021 we moved to a rather nice ranch in Graham. We both have mules and horses.

Jim riding the trails.

Our main hobbies are our grandkids, family, camping, RVing, riding horses/mules, back country packing, flying, and boating.

Jim riding the trails.

Our first business was automotive repair. We had 4 stores at one point. We were very active in the Automotive Service Association (ASA) serving on the local, state and national boards. We credit Automotive Service Association for much of our success.

Jim was awarded the Garage Man of the year by the Automotive Service Association in 1994;

he served on the Clover Park Technical College Advisory Board;

he served on the Washington State Apprenticeship Counsel;

he set on the BBB board and arranged meeting with our industry not only with the BBB but the AG’s Office as well;

he was on the Ford Motor Company’s lemon review board; and

he was a member of the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8 for years.

Jim flew for the Coast Guard Auxiliary for over 10 years. He was tasked with flying the Admiral, Commanders, and other VIPs, as well as flew drug enforcement and surveillance missions. I received the district 13 Pilot of the year award once.

Jim set on the boards of Connexon, a ministry for service spouses whose other half was out of the area. He set on Changing Reins, a group dedicated to helping children in need and military members with PSD. Most recently, he was the President of PCCBCH, Pierce County Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen. He found this very rewarding.

Who are we? Share Investments.

In 2020 Share Investments purchased 3 new properties.

This is what we are today. Share Investments LLC has been doing business since 1998 and is a highly successful property management company, renting properties to some of our area’s premier companies.

Share Investments.

Share Investments.

Share Investments.Share Investments

Share Investments.